Kirkstall floods: Allotment honey bee hives rebuilt


Honey bee hives washed away during the Boxing Day floods in Kirkstall are being rebuilt.

About 20 hives belonging to some of the allotment holders at Burley Mills Allotments were under five feet of water when the River Aire burst its banks. All of their winter honey stores were lost and the dormant bees unfortunately died.

Kirkstall’s councillors have contributed MICE money to go with a Community Foundation Flood Relief Grant
to re-build the allotments. This will include not just nucleus colonies and hives but also a communal shed, replacement manure as well as wood and materials for the re-building of fences and allotment structures.

Councillor Lucinda Yeadon (Labour, Kirkstall) said:

“Losing the bees and the damage to Burley Mills Allotments was just another blow to local people and so I am delighted that we are able to help bring the allotments back into use and of course, re-start the bee colonies. Honey bees bring so many benefits including boosting the production of flowers, fruits and vegetables and so keeping their population up is vital.”

It was recently reported that Leeds may face a five-year wait for flood defences.

And this week the BBC reported the closure of the ThyssenKrupp Woodhead Ltd spring factory off Kirkstall Road is to close after being deluged with 4ft of water. The closure puts 90 jobs at risk.

The company said it had been unable to reopen, with the risk of future floods leaving the site “permanently exposed”.


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