Kirkstall flats plan refused for second time

commercial road flats plan kirkstall
New plans at this shop, off the A65. Photo: Google

Plans to turn an empty Kirkstall shop into four apartments have been refused by Leeds City Council for a second time.

Applicant Leo Group Ltd wanted to change the shop on Commercial Road to a house and build a four-storey extension to the rear. Planning permission was originally refused in 2016, mainly due to issues with windows.

Council planning officers have refused the latest attempts to redevelop the site. In a report, they conclude:

“The proposal is considered to have a significant detrimental impact on neighbouring residential amenity through over dominance and overshadowing due to its close proximity to the neighbouring residential development, in particular its side windows.

“Furthermore the proposals do not address flood risk issues, falling within flood zones 2 and 3 which identify there is a significant risk of flooding. The scheme does not offer any off street parking provision serving the flats which creates an adverse impact upon highway safety.”

In a statement accompanying the application, Leo Group Ltd argued the revised plans were now acceptable, adding:

“The proposed development does not adversely affect the approved extension at the adjoining property. Car parking is neither required nor appropriate for these apartments in this highly sustainable location.”

Five letters of objection were received.

The application and reasons for refusal can be read in full here.


  1. Looking at the plans it seems some developers are so keen to cram as many flats as possible on a site they just don’t even try to make them acceptable as living areas. Renting is becoming like it was in the forties and fifties – tiny, crammed houses with no facilities like outside space or gardens. It’s all greed by landlords wanting to make money from desperate people. The council demolished most of Armley in the sixties and those houses were much better than the ones planned now. Since these tiny flats will likely be populated by people on benefits it is up to the council to protect tenants from greedy landlords. Bring back local authority housing, Some of the old estates are now the most sought-after places to live because of the quality of the homes and gardens.


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