Kirkstall in Bloom go batty for Hallowe’en planting


Bats in Kirkstall, surely not? Why yes, and don’t call us Shirley, writes James Corah.

Kirkstall in Bloom have gone a little bat-ty for our October planting session as it coincides with the RHS’s Wild About Gardens Week. Never a group to shy away from a celebration, there will be bats and other themed activities.

Come join us at 10.30am on Sunday 30 October 2016 (after you’ve reset the clocks) for a session of planting flowers for winter, weeding and upkeep at the Drink and Be Grateful Fountain Garden.

As always no experience is necessary, just enthusiasm. Kirkstall in Bloom will provide gardening tools, gloves and guide you to which plants are going in and which are coming out.

The RHS‘s Wild About Gardens Week ends on Sunday 30 October and is aimed at what members of the public can go to help support bats and other wildlife. There is a fantastic resource to be found on the Wild About Gardens Week website, including advice on how best to help wildlife and a photo contest.


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