Bookmarked: Investigation reveals Kirkstall air quality


Kirkstall rates surprisingly well in an investigation into air quality in four different parts of Leeds.

Despite the daily problems with traffic congestion in Kirkstall – which were well documented here – Leeds media organisation The City Talking has analysed health and pollution data from the city centre, Kirkstall, Headingley and Temple Newsam.

The team has put together four videos which measure the impact of air quality on different communities. It’s well worth a watch.

And the article on Kirkstall concludes:

“Kirkstall recorded the highest use of public transport of our four areas, at 17%; but only Temple Newsam had more car commuters, with 27.7% of Kirkstall residents driving to work, compared to 38.7% in Temple Newsam and just 13.9% in nearby Headingley.

“Despite having twice as much car usage, Kirkstall has lower average NO2 levels than Headingley, 16.3 parts per billion compared to 18.6 ppb, and the lowest prevalence of asthma of our four areas, at 4.9%.”

Check out the video and full article here.


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