Kindness Coupons provide meals to people in need at Kirkstall Morrisons

kirkstall morrisons kindness coupons

A new initiative is encouraging Kirkstall Morrisons customers to buy coupons for a hot meal or drink for people who may need it.

The Kindness Coupons scheme allows people to either leave the coupons at our store or take it and give it someone themselves.

Sarah Bottomley, Community Champion at Kirkstall Morrison’s, said on social media:

“Any customer can come and pick one up from the totem if there is some available – no questions asked. Or if you have been given one then just to take it to the customer cafe till give the coupon with the receipt attached to the colleague and order your meal.”

The coupons are for takeaway meals and hot drinks and range from £1.75 for a takeaway breakfast meal deal, £3 for a takeaway children’s meal and £5.50 for a takeaway adult meal.



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