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KFC and Costa set for Gallagher Leisure Park

KFC and Costa ‘drive-thru’ restaurants could be built at the Gallagher Leisure Park – despite concerns from some local residents and a senior councillor.

New owners Urban and Civic plan, who bought the Dick Lane park back in October, hope the two new ‘drive thrus’ will help reinvigorate the development.

A statement accompanying the planning application said developers aimed to invest significantly to help ‘sustain the park as a viable and attractive leisure location in the west Leeds / east Bradford area’. It adds:

“Prior to Urban & Civic’s purchase, Gallagher Leisure Park was entering an uncertain period, having received limited investment in the facilities there for a number of years and with growing competition from more modern commercial leisure locations elsewhere in the Leeds / Bradford area.

“The first intervention that Urban & Civic is seeking to make at the Park are proposals to enhance the range of food and drink attractions and to make better use of under-utilised car parking by developing two free-standing units for operation as a KFC restaurant and a Costa coffee shop.”

But the proposals – which can be viewed in full here – have already met with some local concerns.

Dave Forrest, of nearby Grange View, raised issues based around the impact on childhood obesity, the number of takeaways in the area, litter, alte night openings and extra traffic and pollution in the area.

And Calverley and Farsley councillor Andrew Carter raised issues with the proximity of the development to nearby houses in Grange View – and called for proper screening to be installed.

The proposed drive-thru facilities would occupy an area of the car park which is currently closed to the public ‘due to an oversupply of car parking spaces’ within the remainder of the site.


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