In photos: ‘BrAmazon’ runners deliver Easter treats thanks to youngster’s generosity

bramley preston de pledge

Words & photos: Simon Cullingworth

Bramley youngster Preston DePledge has been a fundraiser for Epilepsy Action ever since he was diagnosed with having epilepsy himself four years ago.

BrAmazon members ready for the off. Photo: Simon Cullingworth

This weekend he has arranged for 40 Easter eggs to be delivered to people in West Leeds in conjunction with Bramley Elderly Action and the Bramley Care Bears community group. Preston collected the eggs from supporters and earned them himself by doing chores.

‘BrAmazon’ members have hopped to it and delivered bunny drops around West Leeds.

Fundraiser Preston outside Bramley Community Centre. Photo: Simon Cullingworth

‘BrAmazon’ is made up of generous volunteers from the Bramley Breezers running group, who have been picking up supplies from Bramley Community Centre and running them to vulnerable people unable to get out during the Covid-19 pandemic.

‘BrAmazonian’ Lynn Beaumont gets reads for delivery. Photo: Simon Cullingworth
Bramley’s Easter Bunny – Fran Graham, of Bramley Elderly Action. Photo: Simon Cullingworth.


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