How these young ‘Eco Saints’ plan to transform a Bramley churchyard

Bramley eco saints
The Bramley Eco Saints have plans to create a garden. Photo: Jean Hollings

Words: Jean Hollings

A small army of Bramley people aim to transform a church yard/garden into a eco-friendly green space. The idea is inspired by children who attend Trinity Methodist Church. 

The Eco Saints are a group of around eight young people ages six to 14 years who attend Bramley Trinity Methodist Church, on Town Street. They are passionate about being ‘eco friendly’ and ensuring the church take on this mantle also. 

They’re using land at the back of the church.

Their current project is to change a large area of unused land at the back of the church (off Wesley Terrace) into a Eco Peace Garden – a garden area which is accessible to all where all members of the community can have time to rest and enjoy some peace and quiet. 

They are planning to be eco friendly by recycling and reusing old materials and providing a space for wildlife to find a home and thrive. 

They recognise that the project may take some time and the garden will continue to grow over the next couple of years. 

The next step is drawing out the main accessible path through the garden during the Easter holidays and then start to look at planting considering that his they’d like the garden to be accessible all year round. 

If you want to find out more, join them on Saturday 7 May at the church for the Eco Saints coffee morning. Here you will be able to ‘sponsor a rock’ and, if you are feeling artistic, paint it too. These rocks will be included in the finished garden. 

The young people are also appealing for support – from physical help, digging and planting to helping with sourcing materials and plants/trees. People can also help with other more tangible items such as seating to helping to apply for funding. 

For more information on the project and the Eco Saints, contact Tina on


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