How Pudsey in Bloom volunteers are still making a difference, while socially distancing

Volunteers at Pudsey in Bloom do a great job. Photo: West Leeds Dispatch

Take a look around the flower beds and tubs of Pudsey Town Centre, and you’re likely to see a glorious floral display.

What you may not realise is that the flowers have all been planted by hard-working volunteers from the Pudsey in Bloom group.

The friendly group normally meets during the day, but faced months of inactivity due to lockdown.

Volunteers: Pudsey in Bloom. Photo: Pudsey in Bloom

Planting the tubs and beds re-started in late May, but on an evening when it was quieter – and all while socially distancing to keep volunteers safe.

Recent activities include the Library Square, where old plants have been taken out and new plants put in, and the Brick Bed by the barbers’ shop have been planted up with geraniums. All the barrier troughs were watered and their reservoirs filled.

Most recently volunteers planted up the four big planters by the park gates and emptied the square planters around the bus station of the seasonal plants.

West Leeds Dispatch reader Mandy Binks asked us to highlight the work of the Pudsey in Bloom volunteers. She said:

“These guys do an incredible amount of work with very limited resources – even more limited due to lockdown. They make the town centre look so lovely and they deserve all the recognition – and thanks – they can get.”


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