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‘High and dry’ – readers’ anger over possible bus cuts in West Leeds

Furious WLD readers have spoken out against the possible axing of some bus services and cuts to others.

As reported earlier this week, bus services – including routes serving West Leeds – could be axed in April by the operator First, and others face cuts to their frequency.

The numbers 87, 64, 47,48, 9 and 9A might all be permanently withdrawn by the company, according to leaked plans.

A further seven West Yorkshire services are at risk of having their frequencies slashed, including numbers 14, X11 and 508.

The planned changes have not been confirmed, but if they go ahead, they are likely to take effect from April 2.

The proposals have been met with anger on social media by bus users in West Leeds.

Eve Fox says her son and a ‘bus full’ of students catch the bus to college and would be left unable to get there.

“9 is the only bus to White Rose Centre also the only bus to Elliott Hudson College … how are students meant to get to college and non drivers to White Rose Centre?” Eve asked.

“I am so cross they may remove this service, my son is at Elliott Hudson college, he already gets the 7am bus because the 8am was always late. not getting him to college until 9.15am. Yesterday and today the bus hasn’t come at all. He’s had to get a bus to Leeds and then to White Rose… he tells me the 7am bus is always full too, so there will be a lot of annoyed people!”

Rhonda Meadmore added: “First Bradford have been actively avoiding picking up waiting passengers on the 508 route on an evening for a while now, they clearly are trying to show there’s no need for the service (been forced to walk home alone at 9/10 pm unexpectedly a few times or wait another hour).

“It’s wonderful living on Leeds & Bradford Road, yet not having a first bus service to Leeds nor Bradford!”

Elaine Trees simply asked: “9 is the only bus from Pudsey to Horsforth. Why?”

Jo Herbert added: “Please don’t change the frequency of the 14! It’s just about the only service from Bramley that consistently gets into the city centre before 9am!”

And Marlene Harwood of Pudsey expressed her frustration. She said: “Annoying [as] not everyone can drive. As a pensioner I don’t want to rely on lifts but it is only 9/9A that connects us to the White Rose and what about people that work there and to Horsforth? Also 14 and X11 will be missed. May as well pull the bus station down because of the trouble it causes with youths.”

“Farnley doesn’t have a lot of buses at the best of times, losing the number 9 is a blow,” said another bus user. “We’re being left high and dry.”

Around 30 more First services were believed to be at risk of changes or withdrawal had the extra DfT funding not been announced, although questions remain about their long-term futures after June.

The move would also be in spite of the Department of Transport (DfT) extending emergency funding for bus operators from the end of March until June.

One Leeds councillor, whose residents would be affected by the proposed changes, said earlier this week that “whole communities are at risk of being cut off” from repeated cuts.

Possible changes in full, according to the leaked plans

Services which could be withdrawn:

9 – White Rose Centre-Pudsey-Farsley-Horsforth

9A – Seacroft-Colton-Swillington-Rothwell-Middleton-White Rose Centre-Pudsey-Farsley-Horsforth

47 – Leeds-Hunslet-Middleton-Morley-White Rose Centre

48 – Wigton Moor-Moortown-Chapeltown-Leeds-Hunslet-Middleton-Morley-White Rose Centre

64 – Leeds-Cross Gates-Barwick-in-Elmet-Aberford

87 – St James’ Hospital-East End Park-Hunslet-Holbeck-Armley-Bramley

Services which could have their frequency cut:

14 – Pudsey-Armley-Leeds-Logic Business Park

X11 – Leeds-Armley-Pudsey

508 – Halifax-Shelf-Thornbury-Leeds

181 – Huddersfield-Cowlersley-Slaithwaite-Wilberlee

183 – Huddersfield-Cowlersley-Slaithwaite-Wilberlee-Marsden

184 – Huddersfield-Cowlersley-Slaithwaite-Wilberlee-Marsden-Lees-Oldham

185 – Huddersfield-Cowlersley-Slaithwaite-Wilberlee-Marsden

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