Here’s when The Flying Scotsman will pass through West Leeds

Fluing scotsman kirkstall
The Flying Scotsman approaches Kirkstall Forge. Photo: Steven Sutcliffe

The Flying Scotsman train will pass through West Leeds on the morning of Sunday 7th July, writes Keely Bannister.

As part of the train’s trip from York to Carlisle, the Flying Scotsman will call in at Leeds Train Station to pick up passengers before making its way through West Leeds to Shipley.

Expected train times for the trip are:

  • Arrive at Leeds Central Train Station for 10:13am, depart ten minutes later at 10:23am
  • Pass Leeds West Junction at 10:24am
  • Pass Whitehall at 10:27am
  • Pass Armley junction at 10:31am
  • Pass Kirkstall loop at 10:32am
  • Pass through Kirkstall Forge Station at 10:34am
  • Pass Apperley in at 10:38am

There have been issues with trespassing before as people try to get the best advantage point of the train, and so people are reminded for safety reasons to stay off the tracks.

You can keep up to date with where the Flying Scotsman will be tomorrow here.

Don’t foirget Kirkstrall Road will be closed for a time due to the Leeds 10k – closure times can be found here.


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