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Hawksworth Wood pupils stay safe online

A special Google assembly at Hawksworth Wood Primary School has taught pupils about staying safe online.

The Internet Legends tour travels to primary schools across the UK and presents an assembly about internet safety to their pupils.

Hawksworth Wood’s assembly was attended by Leeds West MP Rachel Reeves.

The assembly focused on four main areas of staying safe online:

  1. Think before you share. Teaching children to be mindful and think critically before posting/uploading anything online.
  2. Protect your stuff. How to come up with a strong password.
  3. Check it’s for real. Online scams and phishing.
  4. Respect each other. Be kind, report to an adult if they see something nasty to someone else online, and to behave positively.

Ms Reeves said:

“I was delighted to take part in this very special assembly at Hawksworth Wood Primary School.

“The young people really took on board the messages about staying safe online and I feel certain that they all went home and discussed the issues with their parents and carers. I hope that more schools in West Leeds get to see this very vibrant and memorable Google presentation.”

Vicki Shotbolt, Parent Zone’s CEO, said:

“Working with Google on this project has enabled us to support many more primary schools with messages that are vital for children of this age.

“We know from our work with schools and with parents that helping children to become confident and safe online is an essential life skill and it is important to prepare them for a time when they will be independently exploring online.”


  1. Reeves grooming children in the classroom again, it’s so creepy. Online security is not a political matter so she shouldn’t be there at all.

    They (Labour) have to get their future supporters when they’re young.


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