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Have your say on sale of land owned by Calverley Charity

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The Calverley Charity – the Workhouse Allotment (CCWA) has the aim: ‘the prevention or relief of need or hardship of persons living within the former manor of Calverley’.

It operates within the parishes of Calverley, Farsley and Thornbury.

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The charity’s main asset is the land bordered by the A647 on the north and east, the houses along Ederoyd Drive to the west, and the rail line to the south.

The land is off Dawsons Corner in Pudsey and would be used as part of a multi-million pound highways scheme to improve the roundabout.

Opportunity to sell the land

CCWA has agreed to sell the land to Leeds City Council, subject to public consultation and agreement of terms.

The opportunity to sell the land has arisen due to the Dawson’s Corner highways scheme works.

Some of the land will be used for the highways scheme, which local residents were consulted on starting in 2018. The majority of the land will remain as open space and a footpath with improved crossing to the train station will be maintained.

The land will be too small for further development or for housing and will remain open to the public.

Leeds City Council is the sole trustee of the Charity. In order to ensure the best interests of the Charity are served, CCWA has sought independent legal advice.

Proceeds of the sale

The value of the land will be set by independent valuation following Red Book (RCIS) guidance.

The sale of the land at market value will release funds to be spent on the Charitable Aim.

In recent years, the Charity has had very small income and spent very little:

⦁ In 2019, its income was £6 and outgo was £170.
⦁ In 2020, its income was £208 and outgo was £310.

The Calverley Charity was founded over 100 years ago. Because Leeds City Council is now its only trustee, Calverley and Farsley councillors will decide use of the funds in future.

Go to to give your opinion.

The consultation is open to 5 September.

Entrance to the land at The Fairway.


  1. I think the fact that the charity is managed by councillors who sold the land to the council does not look fair.Also why are members of the local community not on the board who decides how the money is spent.Local community people (not friends or family of existing board members) should have input as to how the money is spent,and any proposed expenditures should be put to a public vote prior to the money being spent.Now the land has been sold to the council the public will have little or no say whatsoever on it’s future use.


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