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‘Have your say’ – Leeds residents encouraged to vote at general election – candidates listed

Voters in Leeds are being encouraged to have their say by taking part in the general election on Thursday.

Due to boundary changes some of the names of parliamentary constituencies have changed. There are seven constituencies in Leeds, including three in the West Leeds Dispatch patch. These are:

Leeds West & Pudsey – (Armley, Bramley & Stanningley, Calverley & Farsley, Pudsey wards).

Leeds South West & Morley – (Ardsley & Robin Hood, Farnley & Wortley, Morley North, Morley South wards).

Leeds Central & Headingley – (including Headingley & Hyde Park, Kirkstall, Little London & Woodhouse, Weetwood ward areas)

“Have your say”

Acting returning officer and chief executive of Leeds City Council Tom Riordan said: “The general election is hugely important in shaping the future of Leeds and the country so we would encourage everyone registered to have their say by voting.”


Leeds West & Pudsey

Includes Armley, Bramley, Stanningley, Calverley, Farsley, Pudsey, Rodley, Stanningley.

Candidates are:

  • EL KHEIR, Jamal – Workers Party – address in the Leeds West and Pudsey Constituency.
  • FARMER Lee Anthony – Conservative Party – Flat 908, One Brewery Wharf, Waterloo Street, Leeds, LS10 1GZ.
  • FORSAITH, Ann Christine – Green Party – Address in Leeds.
  • LONGHORN, Darren James – Yorkshire Party – Address in the Whitehaven and Workington Constituency.
  • REEVES, Rachel – Labour Party – address in the Leeds West and Pudsey Constituency.
  • WALKER, Dan – Liberal Democrats – address in the Leeds West and Pudsey Constituency.
  • WATSON, Sasha – Social Democratic Party – address in Leeds.
  • WHITEHEAD, Andrea – address in the Leeds South West and Morley Constituency

Leeds Central & Headingley

(Includes Kirkstall and Burley)

  • FOREN, Chris – Green Party – 21 Hollin Drive, Leeds, LS16 5NE.
  • FULTON, Louie George – Trade Unions and Socialist Union (TUSC) – 140 Parkwood Road, Leeds, LS11 5RA.
  • HOWLEY, Chris – Liberal Democrats – Address in Leeds North West Constituency.
  • JACKSON, Jennifer Jane – Conservative Party – Address in Oxford West and Abingdon Constituency.
  • RAJPUT, Owais – Workers Party – 36 Hill End, Bradford, BD7 4RR.
  • SOBEL, Alex – Labour and Co-operative Party – address in the Leeds Central and Headingley Constituency.
  • WALKER, Rob – Social Democratic Party (SDP) – address in the Leeds Central and Headingley Constituency.
  • WRAY, Reggie Harry – Reform UK – address in the Leeds West and Pudsey Constituency.

Leeds South West and Morley

(Includes Farnley and Wortley).

  • BELL, Chris – Green Party – Address in Leeds South West and Morley constituency.
  • DEWS, Howard Graham – Yorkshire Party – Address in Leeds.
  • FOX, Michael James – Liberal Democrats – Address in Leeds South West and Morley constituency.
  • JENKYNS, Andrea Marie – Conservative Party – Address in Leeds South West and Morley constituency.
  • KENDALL, James – Reform UK – 6 Lingwell Green, LS10 4TW.
  • PERRY, Nigel – Social Democratic Party – 9 Ingram Cres, Holbeck, Leeds, LS11 0BU.
  • SEWARDS, Mark – Labour Party – 43 Tavistock Mews, Wortley, Leeds, LS12 4DQ.
polling station west leeds
Mickey the dog casting his vote in Kirkstall Ward back in 2019. Photo: Mindy Goose

Polling stations

Polling stations across Leeds will be open from 7am to 10pm on Thursday 4 July for everyone registered who has not already voted by post to support their candidate in the seven parliamentary constituencies being managed by Leeds City Council.

Anyone unsure of where their polling station is can find out here.

Voter ID

Everyone voting in person on Thursday is reminded of the need to remember to take their accepted form of photo ID with them to the polling station, which will be checked on arrival.

To see the list of accepted forms of ID visit Voter photo ID (

Voters will be able to use expired ID if they are still recognisable from the photo. It may be necessary for polling officials to ask voters to remove face coverings in order to verify their identity.

Postal votes

Anyone wishing to hand in a postal vote rather than returning it in the post via Royal Mail needs to be aware of the following rules in place: Completed postal vote packs can only be handed in at a polling station or at the electoral services office at Leeds Civic Hall, LS1 1UR. No other council offices will be able to accept votes.

Anyone handing in a postal vote on behalf of themselves or other people will be required to fill in a form, giving their name and address, how many postal votes they are handing in and why they are being handed in rather than returned by post. Polling station and council staff will be able to help with this process.

If handing in postal votes on behalf of other people, this is now limited to the person handing the votes in along with up to five other votes – so a maximum of six.

For more information on completing and returning postal vote packs, visit this guide.

Election count

The election count in Leeds will take place overnight on Thursday at the John Charles Centre for Sport.

Your West Leeds Dispatch will feature results from all three of the constituencies we cover.

For more information on voting and elections visit the Electoral Commission’s website.


  1. Please don’t vote labour. This incompetent labour council as disgraced Leeds, and the MPS standing in Leeds are no better.

    • Put your slippers on grandad, light your pipe and dream of rationing. Meanwhile the rest of us have to live in the real world!


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