Have a say on plans to improve Kirkstall Abbey Park as part of £20m ‘levelling up’ bid

Kirkstall Abbey
Hallowe'en venue: Kirkstall Abbey in the mist. Photo by Susan Tellum

Attendees at Kirkstall Deli market on Sunday can have their say on ambitious plans to revamp five parks – including Kirkstall Abbey.

Leeds City Council is submitting a bid of around £20 million for the government’s ‘Levelling Up Fund” for Leeds West Constituency.

Councils can apply for projects which improve infrastructure of an area, including regenerating town centres and high streets, local transport schemes and improving heritage or cultural assets.

The proposed Leeds West Bid is called ‘Green, Healthy and Connected’ and proposes improvements to five community parks: Armley, Bramley Falls, Kirkstall Abbey Park, Stanningley and Western Flatts – one park in each ward of Leeds West Constituency.

The Abbey has been picked for Kirkstall ward as there is a strong emphasis in the bid criteria for improvements to heritage assets.

Leeds Council will have a stall showing the plans at Kirkstall Deli Market on Sunday 1 May, from 12pm-3pm.

The bid also proposes improvements to Armley Town Street’s public realm, pedestrian, cycle and road infrastructure, as well as better connections between the Leeds West parks through pedestrian and cycle links.

Full details on the Armley Town Street improvements have yet to be released. WLD will look at the details for the park improvements in more detail in the coming days.

The link to comment on the proposals is here: Have Your Say Today – Leeds West Levelling Up.

The bid is due to be submitted in early July.

Last year, Leeds City Council successfully applied for £20m of travel and environmental improvements to the outer ring road between Horsforth, Rodley and Pudsey, including a new footbridge at Rodley. The bid was in Stuart Andrew MP’s Pudsey constituency.


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