Happiness in Bramley? Compass Festival seeks daily results person

measures of us bramley

Are people in Bramley happier than people in Holbeck? Do people in Gipton laugh as much as people in Woodhouse? Live arts festival Compass has five burning questions for Bramley residents this November.

Compass Festival is coming to Bramley from 19-23 November, inviting people to get involved in Measures of Us, a creative experiment by artist Rob Hewitt of Redhawk Logistica.

Measures of Us will happen simultaneously in Beeston, Bramley, Holbeck, Gipton, Seacroft and Woodhouse.

The project asks people to answer one question a day, for five days using voting buttons displayed in local shops and amenities, or taken into groups and schools. Anyone, and everyone can get involved.

In Bramley, the voting boxes will be at Bramley Baths, Bramley Community Centre, Bramley Community Shop, Hough Lane Stores and The Unicorn.

The results will be displayed each day from dusk onwards outside Bramley Shopping Centre on a light sensitive artwork. Shine a light from your phone or use a camera flash to light up the display and read the results.

Measures of Us needs a local person to help put the daily results up on the display board for a fee of £75. If you’re available daily between 19 and 23 Nov, get in touch with Anna at Compass Festival for details on annaturzynski@gmail.com.

Once the results have been gathered, they’ll be displayed in Leeds City Square on Saturday, 24 November from 12pm-7pm, showing how people feel in different parts of the city, and how similar, or different our views are of life in Leeds.

For further details visit the project website.


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