#GiveLeeds campaign makes donating to local charities easier than ever this Christmas


A platform to make it easy for people to donate directly to their local charities and community groups has been launched in Leeds this Christmas. 

In just three easy steps, people in Leeds can now choose the charity or community group of their choice, and donate directly to them through a secure website called #GiveLeeds.

Covid 19 has had a devastating effect on the most vulnerable people in our city, and many will struggle this Christmas.  Since the start of the pandemic, it has been local groups, tapped into the needs of their communities, that have stepped up to provide support when and where it was needed the most. 

Many who normally provide essential services and activities for their communities throughout the year from sports to lunch clubs, skills and training, have responded to an urgent shift in priorities, now providing essential support for our most vulnerable people and families.  This includes food hampers, clothing and activities for children during school holidays when many struggle the most.

All that extra work – whilst done with such a tremendous spirit of kindness and generosity – has come at a cost. It has become harder than ever to raise money to fund much of that work.  Many of the traditional ways to fundraise – whether a sponsored 10K, a bun sale at work or shaking a tin in a shopping centre – have all but disappeared. 

Gill Coupland, co-director of Zero Waste Leeds, explains:

“Local charities and community groups have been there for us this year like never before but we found when speaking to many of them as part of our Leeds School Uniform Exchange project is that many of them were not set up to receive online donations so potentially missing out on much needed-funds.

”At the same time, many people in our city and across the country will spend huge amounts on unwanted Christmas gifts.  In fact, £42 million is wasted nationally each year, that equates to £500,000 in Leeds.  What if we spent that money supporting local organisations and local people instead?”

Visit the #GiveLeeds website for a directory showcasing some of those groups and charities that you can donate to this Christmas, including Getaway Girls; Holbeck Together; Families First; LS14 Trust; Re-establish; St Vincent’s; Tech Angels; The Hunslet Club; The Real Junk Food Project.  Simply click on your preferred one and follow the instructions to donate.

#GiveLeeds was inspired by #BuyLeeds, a campaign that encourages people to shop locally and independently, helping to support jobs and businesses in our city. 

It has been funded by Leeds Community Foundation. To find out more, e-mail info@zerowasteleeds.org.uk, visit #GiveLeeds website or Facebook page.


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