Get ready for #techmums in Armley


A new tech club for mums to brush up on and learn new digital skills has launched in Armley this month.

The #techmumsClubs 10-week course covers a range of subjects from online safety and social media to basic coding, and has been credited with opening doors to jobs and further education.

#Techmums was founded by Dr Sue Black OBE, whose story is reflective of the transformative effect that technology and education can have on women and their families.

At the age of 25, Sue was a single mother living in a domestic violence refuge with three children and few formal qualifications. She enrolled on a university access course which led to a place on a Computer Studies degree.

She has since gained a PhD and had a successful 20-year academic career. Sue set up the UK’s first online network for women in tech, BCSWomen, led the campaign to save Bletchley Park and was recently appointed Professor of Computer Science and Technology Evangelist at Durham University.

Dr Sue Black, founder of #Techmums, said:

“When I founded #Techmums, I did it with one aim: to empower women through technology.

“As a single mum, I brought my own family out of poverty through technology and education, so I know its power first hand.

“Today it’s easy to see technology as the enemy, where as in fact it can be life-changing in an incredibly positive way. Our courses help women harness that potential in their own lives, giving them the confidence, skills and inspiration to play an active role in our shared digital future.”

Undertaken as part of the Council’s 100% Digital Leeds initiative and led by Leeds Libraries, Leeds will be the first city outside of London to deliver the learning classes as part of the #techmumsClubs initiative.

#Techmums clubs will take place at three locations in Leeds:

– Strawberry Lane Community Centre in Armley.

– Deacon House in Seacroft.

– Dewsbury Road Community Hub.

The clubs will run from January to March 2019 with a celebration event at Leeds Central Library in April, hosted by Professor Sue Black OBE. Digital and technology companies in Leeds have already pledged their support to the programme.

To book a place, contact Sophie Cockrell on or call 0113 3787002.


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