Get involved with a West Leeds Spring Clean and become a litter hero


Words: John Baron

Does your community deserve a spring clean? Problems with dripped litter are a real blight on our streets and beauty spots.

That’s why West Leeds Dispatch is supporting community clean-ups during the Great British Spring Clean, to encourage more people to take a pride in where they live and become local litter Wombles!

We’ll be shining a light on events across West Leeds and highlighting individuals doing their own litter picks in their communities.

Anne, Howard, and Jamie Crosland, Jan Mann, and Hilary Denham – some of the volunteers who contributed to this incredible work in the Kirkstall and Burley areas.

Today we’re highlighting a group who have worked tirelessly to clear up some of the Kirkstall and Burley area around Redcote Lane, past the marina, and alongside the canal to Wyther Lane and filled over 200 purple bags along the way!

The group held litter picks over three months. Some of the most interesting items found during these months by the team included a safe, bolt cutters, lots of sardine cans, tents, and a whole new outfit.

This group, alongside all volunteers in West Leeds, are continuing to make a huge difference for their communities.

If you have an event or want to recognise someone going that extra mile, drop us an e-mail on

How to get involved

Join a group in West Leeds

There are lots of litter picking groups in West Leeds which can provide you with the right equipment and support. Some also hold regular events.

Keep Armley Tidy – Local people taking a pride in their community by picking up litter.  The group is looking arrange some community litter picks and link up with friends at Armley Common Rights Trust, New Wortley Community Centre and Wades Ranger for some combined activities.

Bramley Wombles – is a group of local residents who are working together to keep Bramley, Stanningley and Rodley clean and tidy. They have litter pickers and bags available on request for individual volunteers as well as plans to organise community litter picks.

Farsley Litter Free – volunters doing their bit to help keep the village tidy.

Litter Free Pudsey – is run by volunteers keen to take a pride in their town. They encourage individuals to hold their own local clean-ups, but also hold their own socially distanced events in different parts of Pudsey.

Litter Free Leeds – brings communities, groups and individuals together to be good role models of what can be achieved when we all work together to keep our roads, pavements, parks and green spaces clean and litter free.

Join the Great British Spring Clean

The annual Great British Spring Clean brings communities together across the country, to help clean the litter that blights our streets and communities.

This nationwide event is an ideal opportunity for people to roll up their sleeves and help clean up a corner of West Leeds, whether it’s the street where they live, a nearby park or playground, or a favourite patch of countryside.

Our outdoor spaces have proved more important than ever before during this past year, and that’s why this year organisers are aiming to collectively achieve a million miles of litter-picking with The Great British Spring Clean.

And you can be a part of it by pledging time – no matter how big or small – to participate in the campaign, running from Friday 28 May until Sunday 13 June 2021.

Wherever you live, you can make a difference by sparing anything from just half an hour to collect plastic, cans and general litter and dispose of it safely.

Sign up and make a difference today at


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