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Get a kit and join the Armley Bunting Festival

Get the flags out! A community art festival is hoping to brighten the streets of Armley by displaying bunting reflecting people’s experiences of lockdown.

The artists behind the four-week Armley Bunting Festival have made bunting packs to give out so that people can customise the flags, return them and then see their festival bunting displayed on the streets of Armley.

The artists said on their website:

“Associated with the celebration and hope of street parties and freedom, The Bunting Festival brings free make-your-own bunting activities to the streets of Armley, inviting everyone – whether with your families or by yourself – to join the community in creating your own personal bunting art!

“Reflecting your experiences of this time in the COVID-19 lockdown, these flags will represent your own stories, the ups and downs of lockdown living, and much more.

“This festival can’t solve the overall crisis that the pandemic has brought us, but we believe it can bring us closer together!”

Once you’ve made your flags, The Bunting Festival team will collect them and string them together to make whole strings of bunting which will be hung in each participating street to form a trail in Armley.

The festival is free – just sign up for one of the bunting kits and get making! Free workshops will be provided to help you get started and for tips on designing your flags.

Armley residents can get a free kit here.

The festival is funded by Armley based Interplay Theatre and Leeds Inspired. Creative Director Natasha Joseph is a multi-media artist and curator, born and brought up in Bangalore, India and the Artistic Director of We Belong Here CIC. Lottie Sadd is project manager.

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