Game of Thrones actor cheers on Wortley youngsters at TV Harrison ground

Going upon: Wortley U13 Colts with GoT actor Staz Nair (front)

Game of Thrones actor Staz Nair cheered on Wortley FC U13 Colts as they secured promotion this weekend.

The Colts are enjoying their first season at the TV Harrison ground in Oldfield Lane, which has been newly restored by a group of campaigners fighting to prevent local authority housing being built on the site.

Lea Westerman, from Wortley FC and a TV Harrison campaigner, said: “We have been playing at TV Harrison this season and we’re first kids’ team to be back on there since we started our campaign. The land had been neglected for so long and it’s fitting young people should be back playing on it and we should win promotion.

“There’s a massive need for the pitch in the community, and the original aim of the pitch founder, Thomas Vernon Harrison, was for young people to use the facility. It’s great to see it back in use, just as it should be.”

Mr Nair appeared in Games of Thrones from its sixth season as Qhono, a Dothraki¬†army chief. He is also known for his role in TV’s Supergirl and his band Times Red appeared as contestants on The X-Factor back in 2012.

Lea added: “One of the coaches is chauffeuring Staz around as he’s filming in Bradford. They were talking and he said he wanted to come and watch them and support them. He said he likes to support small communities.”

Wortley U13s Colts striker Caleb Westerman is also the league’s top goal scorer with 43.

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