Mixed reaction to Fultons Foods coming to Pudsey

14 November 2017

Pudsey residents have given a mixed reaction to news that bargain food shop Fultons Foods will be moving to the town.

As reported yesterday, the Yorkshire-based company will be taking over the former Santander Bank building on Church Lane.

Reaction on social media has been mixed, with some favouring coffee shops over a frozen food store …

While others have been more positive…

Mark Smith added on Facebook:

“Bloody moaning set of sods – it could be worse, it could be a nightclub. I think Fultons will be good for Pudsey – not everybody can afford Sainsbury’s. I’ll be using it.”

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M Gregory says:

Would have preffered a classy restaurant or delicatessen, however it’s better than another charity shop but definitely not the way Pudsey ought to be heading…If Bramley shop is anything to go by its stocked high and not at all attractive…

Pudseyite says:

People forget that not everyone can afford a Sainsbury’s or a posh restaurant or delicatessen, as M Gregory suggests above.

My mum travels from Acres Hall estate to Owlcotes via foot and public transport just to find affordable food. She’s just turned 80 and thinks the opening of Fulton’s is the best thing to happen to Pudsey in years.

I can’t believe that this is the biggest issue facing Pudsey. Surely getting the market back to its former glory is the biggest priority?