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Free online event is fighting weekend loneliness

A weekly Instagram Live hosted by 40-plus blogger and Leeds lass Claire Kenny is helping those in at weekends to socialise from home. 

After being single for several years and overcoming her own struggle with loneliness, Claire decided to start hosting a weekly #SoloSaturday Instagram live to help people who were unable to get out and socialise to connect with others. 

Guests don’t appear on screen and can participate as much or as little as they choose, whether it’s to post comments or simply to listen in.

Says Claire: “With the cost of living at an all-time high, my aim is to provide a friendly, welcoming space for anyone who wants to enjoy a bit of a social connection and a giggle on Saturday nights, but free and from home.

“Although lots of my guests are solo, I get whole families joining too, and some people listen in at work. I’m keen to spread the word so that as many people as possible can benefit.” 

The chat centres around everything from health and wellness, pets, food and drink and challenges and highlights from that week. Claire sometimes has guests too, including the founders of Leeds-based Recovery Runners, which welcomes those who use running as part of recovery from addiction or to maintain their mental health. 

Claire added: “Many of us miss out on what life has to offer because there’s a stigma about doing things alone or feeling lonely, but there’s actually no shame in either. With #SoloSaturday, we’re fighting weekend loneliness together.” 

Claire can be found on Facebook and Instagram as My40pluslife.me and you can join her #SoloSaturday Instagram live between 7 and 8pm every Saturday. 

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