Friday, August 7, 2020
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Forward Leeds offers summer holiday fun for families

Armley-based drug and alcohol service Forward Leeds have a range of holiday fun lined up for families.

The Family Plus team at Forward Leeds will be running activities for clients and their families across the city throughout August.

This includes animal handling days, picnics and games in the park as well as gardening and nature days.

Head of the Family Plus team Sophie Parker said:

“These events are so important for those in recovery. It helps clients to spend positive and creative time with their family for their own well-being. It also helps to ensure that they keep connected to the people who mean most to them.”

Alexine Cowell, who uses the Family Plus service, added:

“The Family Plus sessions are fun, friendly and welcoming. I enjoy talking to new people, this has helped build my confidence. It also gets you out.”

Family Plus helps and supports clients of Forward Leeds and their families through their recovery journey from substance issues.

As well as running groups and activities to enable families to spend positive time together, they work with children of clients directly to provide assistance and explore wellbeing.

Forward Leeds is based at Armley Park Court, off Stanningley Road. Call them for support today on 0113 887 2477 or contact them here.


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