Foodbank boosted as firm donates Christmas party fund to help hungry

foodbank donation

A firm of civil and structural engineers is donating its Christmas party budget towards providing food for people in need in West and North Leeds this Christmas.

RWO is sharing the £1,500 it would be putting aside for its 15 staff to have a festive bash with the Leeds North and West Foodbank.

The donation comes as the company, which is based at offices in Park Place, recognises the difficulties many people will be facing this Christmas and winter, which will be particularly hard for those struggling to cope with the added burden of Covid.

In the period from April 2019 to the end of March 2020 more than 41,000 people in Leeds used a foodbank, which was an increase of 23% from the previous 12-month period, according to Leeds Community Foundation.

This festive season, the number of people visiting foodbanks is expected to be significantly higher – and Leeds North and West Foodbank, which receives referrals daily, says December is its busiest month.

Ross Oakley, managing director of RWO, said:

“The foodbanks are doing an outstanding job in campaigning to raise awareness of the issues and the need for support. By donating, we are delighted to be helping local people who are less fortunate than us, not just during winter but also in this awful pandemic.”

Tricia Ryder, distribution centre manager at Leeds North and West Foodbank in Burley Hill, said:

“Thanks to the support of local companies and their kind generosity, we can help people in crisis this Christmas while working towards a future where everyone can afford the essentials. Thank you very much.”


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