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Flood alerts issued in Burley, Kirkstall and Wortley – Updated

UPDATED 7.27pm MONDAY: Flood alerts are no longer in operation for Burley, Kirkstall and Wortley Beck areas.

ORIGINAL POST: Flood alerts are in place on the River Aire in Burley and Kirkstall and Wortley Beck as heavy rain continues today.

A flood alert is the lowest of three flooding categories according to the Environment Agency. It says flooding is possible and urges people to be prepared.

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The next step would be a ‘flood warning’, then a ‘severe flood warning’.

The Met Office has put a yellow weather warning for rain in place all the way through until Tuesday, but a statement on the Environment Agency website said:

“River levels will remain high following last night’s heavy rainfall. We do not, however, expect to issue any flood warnings.

“Levels will fall later this evening and into tomorrow. Our Leeds incident room is open and we are monitoring the situation.

“Plan driving routes to avoid low lying roads near rivers, which may become flooded. We will update this message later today or if the situation changes. “

A similar warning is currently in place for the Wortley Beck catchment area.

Latest updates about flood alerts and warnings can be found here.

UPDATE 8.39pm: The rain has impacted on a number of rail services running out of Leeds. Full details here.


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