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First committed to number 15 and 42 bus services, despite Farnley vandalism

By Katherine Turner

Friday evening saw the number 15 bus targeted by youths, with windows smashed after objects were thrown at it. 

It’s the latest in a series of similar incidents in the area in recent months.

Local resident Lee Davison posted on social media after the latest attack: “If your little cherubs are hanging round up near Old Farnley Terminus by the shop you may want to check what they are up to.”

Rumours that First Bus were looking to withdraw the number 15 and 42 bus service from Old Farnley, which would see it terminate at the ring road near McDonalds, had caused concerns for those who rely on the services.

But a spokesperson from First West Yorkshire allayed this fears and told WLD: “There are no plans to withdraw the 15/42 services to Old Farnley.”


  1. Shame they are not committed to leaving the number 9 to run through Rodley and the 508 on its usual route, can’t use First bus tickets on the Keigthley bus, no.60, which is not the only bus that will run on Leeds Bradford Road into Leeds

    • They cannot as the cost to run is tpo expensive as not enough people use the service. And first still need to make profit. Compared to the 15 and 42 with alot of students they get alot of profit


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