First announce changes to Leeds bus times to avoid Covid-19 cancellations

number 42 bus
Photo: FirstBus

First West Yorkshire is adjusting the frequency of some of its services in Leeds from Sunday, 16 January.

The changes are for an unspecified temporary period and are being made to add more resilience to the timetable to avoid short-notice cancellations while the bus company manages staff absences due to Covid.

West Leeds services affected include 4/4F, 16/16A and 49.

Full details of the timetable changes can be found in Leeds here.

In general, services operating on a seven or eight-minute frequency during the week will be every 10 minutes and those with a 10 or 12-minute frequency will be every 15 minutes. Saturday frequencies on affected routes will change by five minutes or less and the majority of Sunday services will be unchanged.

The X7 and X56 Monday-Friday peak services in Leeds are temporarily suspended.

Paul Matthews, Managing Director of First West Yorkshire, said:

“We want to assure our customers that these frequency changes are only short term and we aim to restore services as soon as possible.

“Along with many other organisations up and down the country, we are experiencing a higher-than-normal level of staff absence due to the current wave of Omicron Covid 19 cases. The safety of our staff and customers will always be our number one priority.

“We are doing everything we can to minimise disruption to services and inconvenience to our customers and our teams are working extra hard to ensure as many buses run as is possible.”


  1. The 16 bus service is appalling. Too often when they arrive in Pudsey bus station they go out of service, I don’t think reducing it to every 15 minutes will make the slightest difference. Who would want to travel on First bus for a journey more then they need to.
    Buses have no heating, most of the windows are open, if it’s to save us from Covid I suppose we will come down with cold or something else due to the unpleasant journeys on the buses.

  2. The 42 is a disgrace three buses passed us and on the board it said 4 mins the due to wiped off three buses went up three cleared one finally came to again get told to get off no drivers .This bus route is night mare and to be honest the driver’s do not tell people who don’t wear masks and the bus is full to bursting .Having Covid twice caring for those who are vunerable is nothing to selfish ignorance of people .Sham absolutely sham.

  3. No buses runing until 5:30,theres a few people who have to walk it to work as i start work really early.if the bus number 56 nocks or come l am going to late for work,or if it comes something like 06:00 and i will be late getting i land up walking it long the york road which it takes me 35 minutes into town and i have another 10/15 minutes from there to get to work.which isnt no good..since i started to walk i have counted upto 10 buses out of service going the other .and one off them is just staff.god knows where are going to at the morning.i think they are having a joke.short off drivers,i dont think so.


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