Farsley Town Street closure: Shuttle bus will run to Rodley


Busy Farsley Town Street is set to close for a week due to roadworks.

Road repairs by Leeds City Council mean busy Old Road and Town Street will close from Monday 14 January until Monday 21 January 2019, from 9.30am to 3pm.

The closure will mean buses are affected during those times.

An off-peak minibus will operate from Farsley Cenotaph to Rodley (canal basin) so that bus users can connect up with services operating via Town Street, Rodley. A higheways spokesperson said:

“Obviously residents will be affected, however we would only expect minor disruption as the works are minor and sporadic along the length of the road. Residents will be asked to park their cars away from the actual areas of work or approach their property from one end or other of the street, depending where their property is and where the team are working.”

The shuttle bus, operated by Fourway, will run Monday to Friday:

  • Departing from Farsley Cenotaph at 9.30am, 10am then every 30 minutes until 3pm
  • Departing from Rodley Lane Canal Road stop 45012535 at 9.45am, 10.15am and then every 30 minutes until 3.15pm.

The shuttle bus will operate non-stop between Farsley Cenotaph and Rodley.

During the road closures, the following bus routes will be diverting in Farsley:

  • Services 8 and 9 will divert via the Ring Road
  • Services 16 and 16A will divert via Rodley and the Ring Road
  • Service 508 will divert will via Stanningley Road and Intake Lane.

All buses before 9.30am and after 3.30pm will run as normal.

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  1. Unless people have seen your article and want to go to Farsley they will not know buses are not running there. No notices on bus stops or buses. One person on 16 bus got a shock when it didnt go through Farsley luckily he didnt want to get off there. First bus should have made people aware


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