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Farsley food fun: International supper club comes to Sunny Bank Mills

Farsley’s Sunny Bank Mills Gallery is hosting a pop-up supper club like you’ve never been to before during its latest exhibition, Don’t Play With Your Food. 

Don’t Play With Your Food invites you to take a seat at the table and rediscover the joy of food.

Artists have long used food as a stimulus for their work and to hold a mirror up to society. The exhibition creates meaning with the humble cabbage and transforms simple things such as bread and milk into timeless works of art.

It sees a collection of artists, chefs and craftspeople share the Gallery to celebrate how playful, gross and delicious food can be.

Anna Turzynski, Sunny Bank Mills’ Arts Director explained: “It’s summer time and we wanted our latest exhibition to inspire visitors regardless of their age. Don’t Play With Your Food is an exhibition born out of many conversations and is an invitation to reconsider your relationship to food.

“I have always been fascinated by how artists use food in their work, and how the lines between chef, designer, scientist and artist can be blurred. So, I have invited lots of different people into the Gallery to play with the idea of eating, cooking and where our food comes from.

“You can expect melting ice cream sculptures, surreal cutlery, noodle soup portraits and a giant sandwich. The Edible Playground Supper Club is an extension of these ideas bringing fun and play into a unique dining experience.”

Anna Turzynski at Sunny Bank Mills. Photo: Giles Rocholl

Created by artist, chef and academic Helen Russell Brown, Edible Playground is a playful rejection of table manners. Diners are invited to put their elbows on the table and take a trip down memory lane to rediscover the joy and nostalgia of food.

The menu is inspired by Helen’s own personal food memories from childhood and beyond.

Helen Russell Brown added: “We always seem to be looking for the next adventure, experience, or undiscovered place – how nice to sink back into nostalgia and rediscover the sticky memories of our younger years as a source of comfort and delight. Join us for an edible journey inspired by memories of classroom games, building sandcastles and a healthy obsession for knickerbocker glories.

The Edible Playground Supper Club will be on for 2 nights only – Friday, 12 July and Saturday, 13 July – and is a completely plant-based menu. Don’t Play With Your Food exhibition is now open until Sunday, 1 September.

More information and booking for the Supper Club here.


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