Farnley: Vandalised former Sunday school could be converted into home

Farnley Hill Methodist Church
Farnley Hill Methodist Church and Sunday school. Photo: Google

A grade II listed former Sunday school and caretakers’ flat in Farnley could be transformed into a six-bedroom house, if plans are approved.

Farnley Hill Methodist Church in Stonebridge Lane, dates back to 1828, with a 1921 extension to the Sunday school. It has suffered from vandalism in recent years.

Applicant Mr Ash Mahmood also wants to replace the rotting windows at the Sunday school building.

A planning statement submitted with the planning application states the proposals only relate to the former Sunday school and do not include the disused church. It says:

“The building’s structure is basically sound, but being vacant is in a deteriorating condition with significant roof leaks, rotting windows and continuous vandalism being the main problems.

“The church has a fine interior with original features whereas the Sunday school is described as having ‘no original features remaining within’. Although a marble stone plaque remains to the first floor and will be retained.”

Three previous planning applications for the Sunday school were approved but not implemented due to financial considerations.

The planning statement said the whole of the grade II listed buildings, including the former Methodist Church, have been bought by Mr Mahmood. He intends to register a split site, with the Sunday school and church to have separate titles.

The latest plans can be viewed and commented upon here.

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