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Farnley: Green belt land may be protected until 2028

Green belt land earmarked for a major housing development in Farnley may win a reprieve until at least 2028.

Farm land bordered by Tong Road, Tong Drive and Gamble Lane was earmarked for housing as part of the council’s Site Allocations Plan , which is currently being compiled.

The city-wide plan identifies sites for thousands of new properties to cater for a population boom until 2028.

The land off Gamble Lane is currently in the green belt but was put forward by the council for around 200 units of housing, despite objections from local residents and councillors.

Other areas of housing have since been identified in West Leeds, meaning the Gamble Lane site is no longer immediately required.

At a meeting of the development plans panel earlier this month the land was recommended to become ‘PAS’ land, which means that it should be held in reserve for future development.

A report considered by councillors said:

“This site is considered to be the least preferable site (of those previously proposed for allocation) in green belt terms. Comments from Historic England, and the heritage assessment subsequently undertaken in the light of their comments, has also raised concerns about the impact that the development that this site would have on the setting of Farnley Hall.”

New sites identified for housing as part of the site allocation plan include:

  • An additional 40 houses at an existing proposal for 160 units off Hough Side Road at Whiteley’s Farm.
  • Wood Nook, off the B6155: 60 units
  • Stonebridge Mills, Farsley: 75 units
  • Heights Lane, Armley: 28 units
  • Hough Top Court, Pudsey: 76 units

A site at the other side of Gamble Lane, behind Hare Park Mount, has already been designated as PAS land.

Cllr Ann Blackburn
Cllr Ann Blackburn

Farnley and Wortley Green Party councillors Ann Blackburn told The Dispatch:

“We note the recommendation to the Executive Board that this land changes from land to be built on to PAS land, which is an improvement from it being recommended to be built on.
“However, we still believe that both pieces of land off Gamble Lane should keep their current green belt Status.”

Cllr Blackburn added that developers sometimes appeal and in some cases have won their cases to build on PAS land.

The recommendations of the development plans panel still needs to go before the decision-making Executive Board later this year before it is formalised.



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