Angry Farnley residents are fed up with dumped rubbish


Angry Farnley residents have called for an end to rubbish being dumped on rural Gamble Lane.

Residents say they are fed up of rubbish being dumped on the narrow road, which runs between Water Lane and Tong Road.

Everything from household rubbish to building and garden waste has been dumped on Gamble Lane – and the latest spate has seen rubbish dumped near the gate to the farmers’ field at the back of Hare Park Mount.

One local resident, Irene Sheehan, said:

“It’s frustrating when you walk up the lane to see someone’s been round during the night and dumped a load of stuff. People live round here and look after their houses and their street. It’s not nice living with it.”

gamble lane rubbish
Dropped litter on Gamble Lane, Farnley. Photo: West Leeds Dispatch

Last year a temporary CCTV camera was installed by the council after building material was dumped in the lane, almost blocking the road entirely. In previous years a stash of marijuana plants had been dumped there.

Another resident added:

“I don’t blame the council – it’s the people who come here and dump their rubbish. It’s annoying because there’s enough council sites for people to leave it without coming here.”

The Dispatch has previously featured one local resident’s appeal for people to clear up the mess on Gamble Lane, and also run a quiz on some of the area’s issues.

In a recent newsletter, Farnley and Wortley Green Party councillors David and Ann Blackburn said there had been similar problems with flytipping in Cobden Road, Greenthorpe Walk and Branch Place, as well as Fawcett Lane and Highfield Avenue.

Leeds City Council has urged people to take their unwanted rubbish to free recycling sites across the city – the nearest ones in west Leeds are in Kirkstall and Pudsey.

More details on the opening times of the sites can be found here.




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