Farnley Academy wants to build a beach volleyball court

The Farnley Academy

Bosses at Farnley Academy have submitted a planning application to build a new beach volleyball court at the school.

The 900 sq metre court would be built on an existing sports pitch which the school says is unusable due to the steep bank on site.

A report accompanying the application says the school would like to introduce beach volleyball to the curriculum and have the opportunity to work closely with Volleyball England, the national governing body for indoor volleyball, sitting volleyball and beach volleyball.

The report added: “The proposed scheme seeks to improve the available sports facilities in the area and give students access to a specialised sport.”

Plans also include a two metre-wide timber decking, along with the installation of a 3.4-high V-Mesh fencing and 1m-high ball stop netting installed above.

    The plans can be viewed in full here.

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    1. Beach volleyball requires significant strength, athleticism and coordination. It also helps if you are tall. Four players on court wearing what is effectively underwear. In weather such as this. If the school insists on introducing what will become elitist then they should double up with beach football or boules pitches or both.

    2. Given recent ‘activities’ with the buses in Farnley, I think they should introduce shot-putting into the curriculum.


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