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Eight reasons to volunteer at Armley Helping Hands

Are you looking for a challenge that is rewarding and fun? At Armley Helping Hands we have some great volunteering opportunities, writes Dawn Newsome.

Reasons why you should come and volunteer with Armley Helping Hands.

1. Workplace experience

You know volunteering can give you a lot of valuable varied workplace experience and training opportunities and in some cases open doors for potential employment or alternative career paths your wouldn’t have otherwise have thought of.

2. Increase your network

Get to work with other people outside your usual sphere of contacts, this in turn allows you to expand your network of contacts, locally and city wide.

3. Personal satisfaction

Volunteering can be extremely rewarding. In some cases you can find yourself leading or involved with projects that you wouldn’t normally ever get the opportunity to do. On completion, you get an immense feeling of satisfaction, usually from producing or contributing to something that a lot of people have got a benefit from.

4. Build confidence

We all have those areas in which we aren’t that confident, volunteering you often get to work in situations that can help boost your confidence, all while being supported by the organisation of fellow volunteers around you.

5. Make a difference

This may seem silly, but you really do get to make a difference. Often the things that you personally do can make a major difference to other people’s lives

6. Grow and be challenged

Working with a groups of different people, which you wouldn’t otherwise choose to work with. It’s also fantastic as it makes you learn and grow as a person

7. Build community

You get to build community and bring people together

8. Have fun

Finally you know with the hard work comes a lot of fun, good times, laugher, and often a real sense of comradeship, Just a gratefulness that you are willing to help, and donate your time.

Well that’s my personal list of reasons why I contribute to the community, be it on a professional or general interest level. I’m a great believer that what you give to the community it will in turn give back to you three fold.

Volunteering doesn’t take much, sometimes it’s just a few hours a week, if that, and frankly the benefits outweigh any downsides.

For more information log on to our website , check out our Facebook page or call the office on 0113 2799292.






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