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Suspected Pudsey drugs meeting place secured

A small area of demolished garages on Acres Hall Crescent in Pudsey has been secured after fears the area was been used by drug dealers.

The garages had become a meeting place for strangers and local residents were worried that illegal activities were taking place with vehicles gathering in the space.

Cllr Josephine Jarosz
Cllr Josephine Jarosz

Pudsey councillors Richard Lewis, Mick Coulson and Josie Jarosz have been trying to resolve this for some time and now it looks like a solution is in sight.

Funding has been provided by the council’s Housing Advisory Panel for a gate to be placed at the front of the site, meaning people will not be able to access the site by car.

The councillors hope that this will stop people travelling by car to the site, while allowing residents to carry on their daily lives.

Councillor Josie Jarosz (Labour, Pudsey) said:

“People living in Acres Hall Crescent have a right to feel safe in their homes – having this area open for anyone to drive in was making people feel unsafe. Putting this gate in place is a practical and fair way to ensure that people are not parking in this spot, for whatever reason.

“Local people don’t use the area to park, so closing it off doesn’t reduce residents parking in the area. I look forward to seeing this work completed and local residents being able to feel more safe at home.”


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