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Dentists opens new practice at Bramley Shopping Centre

The UK’s largest dentistry provider, {my}dentist, has opened its purpose-built practice in Bramley Shopping Centre.

It has agreed a 15-year lease with landlord LCP, the national commercial property and investment company.

It has merged its two practices in the town to create a 4,885 sq ft modern practice with more surgeries and new dental equipment, as well as better accessibility with surgeries accessible from ground floor level. 

All of the clinicians and staff from the previous Broad Lane and Stanningley Road practices have moved to the new premises and a further three jobs have been created for receptionists and a treatment co-ordinator.

Nicola Wood, {my}dentist area development manager, said:

“We wanted to bring our patients in Bramley a modern new dental practice that meets their needs now and in the future.

“Our team has worked hard on the new practice and it has been great to hear the positive reaction from patients. With more surgeries we have an increased number of appointments for our existing patients and beyond this, we know that accessing dental care in this region is difficult which is why we have introduced {my}options, an affordable way to access a dentist when you need one.”

Asset manager Rakesh Joshi, lettings director at LCP, said: “After welcoming {my}dentist to The Killingworth Centre, in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, earlier this year, we are pleased to have also brought the surgery to Bramley Shopping Centre, where its 20,000 patients will have access to top-of-the-range equipment in this superbly appointed practice.”


  1. That NHS logo on their signage is very misleading. Neighbour of mine who lives adjacent to the shopping centre made enquiries on that basis and got the bums rush to the door at breakneck speed because it’s private only. If they choose to contradict this or he’s been misinformed then I’ll return with him and they can sign him up as an NHS patient.

  2. I am a nhs patient with them perhaps your neighbour misunderstood they might not be taking any more nhs patients on

  3. Needs a dentist due to cronic pain coming from metal implants in lower gum, told to phone back next day at 08.00 for an appointment. No empathy or anything uneccessary suffering all day. What happened to the days when they fitted you in whatever


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