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Court rejects Pudsey off licence appeal

A Pudsey off licence is now unable to sell alcohol after having its licence revoked, Leeds City Council has confirmed.

Pudsey Local, which is based in Market Place, originally lost its licence in October 2022 after police raised concerns over alleged sales of cigarettes and alcohol to children – something licence holder Syed Ahmed has denied.

Mr Ahmed decided to appeal against Leeds City Council’s decision, but the appeal was dismissed at a directions hearing last month.

An update from a council licensing officer, shared publicly by Councillor Simon Seary (Cons, Pudsey) said: “The council’s legal officer attended the directions hearing at Kirklees Magistrates’ Court on the 13 April 2023 and nobody attended from (or on behalf of) the appellant/premises. The court granted the council’s application to have the appeal dismissed.

“Following the Court’s dismissal, revocation of the premises licence is now effective and sale of alcohol from the premises is no longer authorised. A letter has been served on the premises/former licence holder giving notice of the Court’s decision and instructing the sale of alcohol should cease with immediate effect.

“West Yorkshire Police and West Yorkshire Trading Standards have been made aware.”

The decision was welcomed by Pudsey councillor Simon Seary, who said the court’s decision was a ‘step in the right direction’.


  1. About time ….

    Another win for Pudsey
    Hopefully next step will be dealing with the big groups of intimidating teens making Pudsey after dark a no go area but every step to getting Pudsey back to been a safe place is a great start

  2. Hopefully the teenagers won’t hang about the bus station now. Even though they still crowd round the front of this shop now kids as young as 10 vaping or being rude


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