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Councillors to discuss review of Armley zone which limits off licences

An interim review of five zones across Leeds where it is more difficult to get permission to sell alcohol due to anti-social behaviour could soon be carried out by Leeds council.

Armley is a designated Cumulative Impact Policy (CIP) zone due to its problems with street drinking in the Town Street area, and has its status reviewed every three years.

A report to go before the council’s licensing committee said all the zones were due to have their status as a CIP area formally reviewed this year, but added:

“However, due to the extraordinary circumstances of a global pandemic, the usual evidence required for the assessment is not truly reflective of the current situation. As such it is proposed that a brief review takes place based on the current crime and disorder levels with a full and detailed review at the end of 2022 when a more accurate assessment can take place.”

Councillors sitting on the licensing committee are being asked to approve an interim review and consultation to ensure that the cumulative impact areas remain appropriate until a detailed and thorough review of the assessment can take place in 2022. The report adds:

“The situation in the areas currently designated as cumulative impact areas is severe. Harehills and Armley suffer with anti-social behaviour and disorder associated with street drinking, and this has continued throughout the last three years, and has been especially concerning during the three coronavirus lockdowns.

“Partner organisations have continued to work in these areas with people who persist in drinking in groups on the street. Although this work has been affected by the lockdowns, the problems remain.”

The five zones across Leeds are Armley, Harehills, Headingley, Hyde Park and the city centre. A public consultation would be launched as part of the interim review.

The licensing committee will meet on 2 November 2021 at Leeds Civic Hall. The agenda and documents can be viewed here.


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