Councillor’s concerns over ‘distracting’ illuminated advertising board plan

The new digital display board would be in this area off Bradford Road.

A councillor has submitted ‘strong objections’ to plans to replace existing billboards and an illuminated digital display board in Thornbury.

Councillor Peter Carlill (Lab, Calverley & Farsley) fears the proposed digital display board on Bradford Road, near Yorkshire Vets and the entrance to Grange Avenue, is ‘wholly inappropriate’ and is asking residents to submit their comments on the plans.

He has objected to these proposals on the grounds of height, its impact on nearby householders and road safety.

Cllr Carlill said: “Bradford Road and the Dick Lane junction is already a dangerous area with a track record of safety concerns and accidents. The proposed location is very busy with the entrance to Grange Avenue, the vets, and near the Dick Lane junction. Digital displays would create additional distraction and clutter in this busy and dangerous location.”

peter carlill farsley
Cllr Peter Carlill.

The applicant is JC Decaux UK.

The plans can be viewed in full here.


  1. There is already one of these illuminated boards adjacent to the opposite carrigeway at this location, and it is extremely bright and distracting. In fact it sometimes makes you jump when the ad changes suddenly, which takes your attention away from the road.


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