Council over-rules objections over A647 traffic orders

Bradford Road, at Thornbury Roundabout Junction. Image: Google

Council highways chiefs have over-ruled a number of objections to traffic regulation orders (TROs) surrounding work on the £19.6 million A647 Bus Priority Corridor scheme.

In documents published by Leeds City Council, 14 objections were raised by the public over proposals to introduce a new peak period eastbound bus lane, and new peak period waiting and loading restrictions, on Bradford Road in Pudsey and Stanningley Road in Bramley.

All but one of the objections were over-ruled by highways chiefs, with one partially upheld.

Work to the A647 Corridor – which runs from Thornbury Roundabout, past Dawsons Corner in Pudsey to the Armley Gyratory – will include the creation of a new bus priority lane that council chiefs will shave up to eight minutes off bus journeys.

Concerns over-ruled by highways chiefs included that the new bus lane and waiting and loading restrictions on Bradford Road will make it more difficult for residents to access and leave their properties, as well as issues over accessing businesses in Bradford Road.

An objection surrounding the extent of congestion at the Stanningley Road / Hough Lane junction did not warrant the implementation of new waiting and loading restriction was also over-ruled.

One objection, surrounding waiting and loading restrictions outside residential properties on Woodhall Lane preventing food and medical deliveries, was partially upheld. The council agreed there should be no waiting and loading or unloading restrictions in front of properties 1, 3, 5 and 7 Woodhall Lane, subject to their period of operation being limited to Monday to Friday, 7-10am and 4-7pm.

In addition to the traffic regulation orders (TROs) on the A647 Bus Priority Corridor scheme, a number of TROs relating to the reconfiguration of the Thornbury Barracks scheme in 2015 were also re-advertised after it emerged that they had not previously been sealed due to an administrative error. Highways chiefs say these TROs will ensure the safe operation of the Thornbury Barracks junction.

The full council report and other documents can be read in full here.


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