Council over-rules Calverley parking restrictions objections


Leeds City Council highway chiefs have over-ruled objections to proposed new parking restrictions in a part of Calverley.

A package of parking restrictions have been proposed on Upper Carr Lane in response to local concerns regarding parking associated with a medical centre, care home and business centre.

Two people objected to the proposals, including concerns that residents wouldn’t be able to park outside their properties.

But highways officers argued the proposals aim to manage on street parking through daytime waiting restrictions and providing time-limited parking bays which ensure that driveways are not obstructed and that traffic can pass and re-pass on Upper Carr Lane. They say residents will be entitled to permits exempting them from the time restriction.

WLD first reported on the proposals in January.

A council report said at the time:

“Some years ago a consultation was carried out with all the affected residents and the vast majority were in favour of the introduction of traffic regulations to manage parking in the street. There were two residents that had strong objections to the measures but as the problem still persists Ward Members have now asked if this proposal can be resurrected.”

Full details of this week’s decision can be found here.


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