Council dismisses social media rumours over second Holbeck-style managed zone in Pudsey


There are no plans for a second Holbeck-style ‘Managed Approach Scheme’ in Pudsey, Leeds City Council said today.

Last night rumours circulated on social media that the council were looking to introduce a second zone in Crossgates – with Pudsey also mentioned as a possible area.

But this morning the council took the unusual step in denying the claims

“In response to recent social media posts, we wish to clarify that the defined area of Holbeck is the only location covered by the Managed Approach scheme.

“This was put in place to tackle a specific long-term issue with sex work in this area.

“There are categorically no plans for a Managed Approach type scheme in Crossgates or indeed any other area of Leeds.”

A council official, who asked not to be named – told WLD the claims were ‘without foundation and probably mischievous’.

South Leeds Life reports protests are continuing against the managed approach in Holbeck. A banner was unfurled in Holbeck last week protesting against the continuation of Safer Leeds’ Managed Approach to street sex work in the area. It’s the third protest in a month of action.

An Independent Review of the Managed Approach, undertaken by academics at the University of Huddersfield, was published earlier this summer and recommed=nded the approach remains in place.

The report tracked the development of the Managed Approach from its introduction in 2014 with little resource, through the introduction of the dedicated reporting phone number, the intensive cleansing regime, and the dedicated Policing team in October 2018.

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