Council clamps down on fireworks nuisance in Pudsey and Burley parks

Photo: Tim Green via Flickr Creative Commons License

An injunction could stop nuisance fireworks across the city – and will target antisocial behaviour in public parks in Burley and Pudsey.

The city-wide injunction to stop people using fireworks “in an anti-social manner” or gathering in certain parks at night is being sought by Leeds City Council and West Yorkshire Police.

A similar injunction was sought in Burley last year to tackle anti-social behaviour and firework misuse. Residents in The Kelsalls area had their lives made a misery by large groups congregating on the streets and indiscriminately letting off fireworks, often aiming them at people, homes, cars and the emergency services.

The council and police are applying for an injunction to ban the misuse of fireworks and to prevent more than three people gathering in three named parks after 6pm until 7pm the following morning.

The parks are Alexandra Park (between Burley Lodge Road and Alexandra Road) in Burley, Pudsey Park and Banstead in Harehills.

If granted, the injunction would come into force on 28 August and run until 30 January 2021.

Anyone breaching it would be liable to be arrested.

The proposed injunction would also include

  • Setting fire to buildings anywhere in Leeds.
  • Using abusive words or gestures to, threatening or obstructing or interfering with any emergency worker sealing with any firework-related incident across Leeds.

If anyone wishes to support the application they should send an e-mail to

If anyone wishes to oppose the application then they will need to be added as a defendant. Anyone wishing to oppose the application can do so by e-mailing:

The deadline to support or oppose the application is: Monday, 24 August. The injunction is set to be heard at Leeds County Court on Friday, 28 August.


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