Could The Swinnow pub be demolished and make way for housing?

the swinnow pub
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A pub on a West Leeds estate could be demolished and replaced with ten semi-detached properties and four apartments.

The proposals for the site of The Swinnow pub, on Swinnow Lane, Pudsey include 23 car parking spaces, with two of the semi-detached properties having their own private parking accessed from Harley Drive.

A planning statement submitted by applicant Mark Lawn, of Oakworth, states:

“The site is previously developed land, sustainably located and the scheme proposal is of a high design standard, which will contribute to the provision of much-needed housing in this part of Swinnow.”

But the proposals, submitted last week, have so far led to a number of objections from Swinnow residents.

Joanne Hartley, of Harley Rise, said:

“The Swinnow Hotel is the hub of the community, people young and old all gather there. It is where people go to socialise and feel safe when doing so. By removing it from the community [it] will make people who have no family, lonely and cut off from the community.

“Building houses are not in keeping with the area and they will definitely look out of place where a public house should stand.”

Charlotte Capstick of Swinnow Lane has traffic concerns. She added:

“Due to us living facing where the planned road is supposed to be we don’t agree on
this.. this road is busy enough without the added traffic.. we have problems with parking as it is.”

And Andrew Perkins, of Wellstone Garth, added:

“Demolishing this building would be detrimental to lots of people and the community they call home. And… my wife won’t be happy because I’ll be at home more often.”

The plans can be viewed and commented upon here.

Last September The Dispatch reported on a planning application for a new – smaller – pub on the site with five flats above and four pairs of semi-detached houses and one detached house. The proposal was withdrawn last October.

An outline application establishing the principle of housing on the site was approved by the council in 2015.


  1. The Swinnow pub has been part of my life from being a child iv none Martin Watkins as long as I can remember knocking this pub down would break martins heart and a lot of local people too who meet friends there it’s a friendly community pub with pretty much 0 crime , SAVE THE SWINNOW I SAY

  2. You need to keep the punters – always busy friendly a place to gather with friends and local family’s, not many places like that left nowadays

  3. The swinnow pub is the heart of a very large community and focal point for hundreds of people on a weekly basis to meet, you pull the swinnow pub down you pull the heart out of thousands lives that live locally. Not only this you would be making possibly the longest serving landlord in Leeds and family homeless. This can not be allowed to happen for the sace of a few houses so someone can make a few pounds.


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