Concerns over Armley Town Street booze licence application


Another application to sell alcohol on Armley Town Street is set to be considered by Leeds City Council.

Rezan Osman of Krol Mini Market has applied for a licence to sell alcohol daily from 9am until 10pm.

Mr Osman has agreed to run CCTV, a ‘Challenge 25’ scheme and has stated he will not sell booze to people under the influence of alcohol.

But both Leeds City Council’s licensing department and West Yorkshire Police have both objected due to concerns about anti-social behaviour in the area and the impact granting another licence would have.

Town Street forms part of a cumulative impact policy, which introduces a presumption against new licences to sell alcohol from bars, shops, pubs or clubs in a designated area.

Representations by the council’s licensing department say:

“Bearing in mind the severity of the problems being experienced in the area, with this area suffering from issues with people drinking on the street and causing disorder and anti-social behaviour issues, the Licensing Authority is of the opinion that your application does not contain sufficient information about how granting your licence would not add to the impact already being experienced in the area.”

Councillors on the council’s licensing sub-committee will decide the application at the Civic Hall in Tuesday, April 10 at 10am.

Read the council’s report in full here.


  1. Think they is enough off liscences on town street i live at the bottom of town street the council say they have radicated the problem of drinking on town street but have just moved them on to where they are no cameras which isnt fixing the problem i say no to any more off lisences ..


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