Community walk highlights threat to Tong/Fulneck Valley green belt


Bradford City Council is considering the development of substantial new housing in the Tong/Fulneck Valley, writes DAWN SEARY.

Despite two separate public consultation events where local residents overwhelmingly opposed any plans to develop in the green belt of Tong and Fulneck Valley, the council continues to plan to destroy beautiful local countryside in Tong and Westgate Hill by proposing a massive release of protected land in their Core Strategy Plans.

Green Party MP Caroline Lucas meets concerned residents on her recent visit. Photo: Save Tong Valley/Facebook

Save Tong Valley Group welcomed Caroline Lucas MP, joint leader of the Green Party, who visited Tong earlier this month to talk about the issues facing the Green Belt.

Ms Lucas was very concerned about the plans and was most supportive of the campaign and the groups vision for the future of the valley. She said during her visit:

“When people add their voices together and get organised they can stop things happening. It’s not a case of Nimbyism but being sensible and looking at better alternatives. People need to believe what a difference they can make.”

She added her concerns that there would not be the infrastructure to cope with dense housing earmarked for Tong and an extension of Holme Wood into the green belt.

To raise awareness of the potential loss of our greenbelt and in an attempt to highlight the impending issues with local people, Save Tong Valley have arranged a community walk to show the area affected by the housing (and link road) plans.

Valley view over towards Fulneck and West Leeds. Image: Save Tong and Fulneck Valley

Community walk

We would be pleased if you could join us on Saturday, 23rd September, starting at Tong Garden Centre at 10am. The walk should last no longer than an hour.

The route will take in the heritage areas which will become permanently lost by Bradford’s housing and road plans, and of course take in the views of the green belt – all welcome.

If you are unable to join in the walk on Saturday, please help the group to continue to oppose these plans: Further information can be found on our website or follow us on Facebook.

Stuart Andrew, the MP for Pudsey, has asked the Minister to intervene similarly in the Leeds Plans, and he has also made known the concerns about Green Belt release in the Tong and Fulneck area.

The group was formed by the people of Holmewood, Tong, Fulneck and Pudsey, as well as people from the cities of Leeds and Bradford, who all want to work together to protect the greenbelt of the Tong Fulneck Valley from further development.






  1. Absolute moratorium on any development on this land. Don’t accept we need these extra houses but even if we do there are plenty of inner city sites awaiting the builders. Reason they want to build on the greenbelt is because they can charge a premium for these houses. It costs the same for materials and labour whether they use an old factory plot or a farmers field but they know they can sell the same house for double bubble if they build in the countryside. NO!


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