Christmas joy for children in Armley

staff worker Dagmar Truman and volunteer Tina Weinreich sorting the presents donated to the City Mission Christmas Kids Gift Project

By Andy Dalton

Volunteers from a West Leeds charity have worked hard before the start of the Christmas holidays.  Their efforts meant that over one hundred children from struggling families will receive a surprise present on Christmas morning.

Over the last few weeks volunteers and staff at Leeds City Mission in Armley have been sourcing and packing presents in their premises in Mistress Lane. Kind hearted businesses, individuals, churches and other organisations have rallied to assist the City Mission by donating a comprehensive range of presents for children across a wide age range.

Leeds City Mission is one of the oldest charities in the city and has been in continuous existence since 1837. It works amongst marginalized people and poorer families who are struggling with life. From its Mission Room premises a variety of compassion projects are organised bringing much needed help to people out of work, homeless and those on low incomes. It utilised its extensive networks in the yuletide season to identify families in real need and provide them with a present for their children.

Tina Weinreich, who originates from Germany, was one of the volunteers who helped with the project. She enjoyed sorting, categorising and organising the donated presents which other volunteers delivered to needy families before Christmas Day.

The Mission Room, off Mistress Lane.

A spokesman for the City Mission remarked that it was unimaginable that any child should have the unfortunate experience to wake up on Christmas morning to have no gift or present waiting for them. He said that the cost of living crisis, inflation and a multitude of other reasons during 2023 had seen an increase in people coming to the City Mission needing help and assistance.  This Christmas Gift Project was just one of the responses initiated by the City Mission in its vital and ongoing work.

Leeds City Mission is a multi-church Christian agency working with marginalised people and seeks to meet the physical, social and spiritual needs of Leeds residents. 


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