Christmas 2022: When will my bin be collected in West Leeds?

leeds bins
Household bin collections. Photo: John Baron/

By Louis Chapman-Coombe

Leeds City Council have announced the amendments to the bin collections over the festive period. 

In a statement, a spokesperson said: “Your bin day will be different in the week before Christmas this year, with collections taking place one or two days earlier this year, starting from Sunday 18 December, with normal collection days resuming from December 27.” 

Weekly collections up to Christmas: 

If your normal bin day would have been…Your amended collection day will be…
Monday 19 DecemberOne day early on Sunday 18 December
Tuesday 20 DecemberOne day early on Monday 19 December
Wednesday 21 DecemberOne day early on Tuesday 20 December
Thursday 22 DecemberOne day early on Wednesday 21 December
Friday 23 DecemberOne day early on Thursday 22 December
Saturday 24 DecemberOne day early on Friday 23 December
Monday 26 DecemberTwo days early on Saturday 24 December

From Tuesday 27 December, there will be no changes to the collection days. 

The household recycling centres around the city will be closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day, however will be running as usual on all other days throughout the holiday season. 

The council is also publishing a leaflet detailing all the changes to the schedule, as well as some tips on recycling over Christmas which is going out to all residents. 

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