Checkmate! Five Lane Ends pupils take on Rachel Reeves


Leeds West MP Rachel Reeves visited Five Lanes Primary School in Wortley to challenge pupils to a simultaneous chess match.

Pupils have been taking part in the Chess in Schools and Communities initiative, which aims to improve children’s educational outcomes and foster social development by introducing them to chess.

Ms Reeves said:

“I had great fun. They have been learning chess for a year with the support of Chess in Schools and Communities and there was a lot of enthusiasm from the two classes involved.

“I am delighted that so many primary schools in Leeds West are involved with playing chess. After watching the pupils have a lesson I played against eight groups of children in simultaneous games, it was great fun and we all had to think fast.

“I did manage to win all the games but I am looking forward to going back next year and seeing if any of them can beat me!”


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